Derwent Poetry Festival

I was delighted to be invited to read at the fifth Derwent Poetry Festival in November. Two of my poems, ‘Eating Bear Claws’ and ‘For Harry, Wilma and Queen George’, were selected for publication in the Templar Poetry anthology Bliss, one of several books launched at the festival by Templar’s Managing Editor Alex McMillen.

Apart from the two published poems, I also read  ‘With Adge and the Oral Historians’ and  ‘In My Mother’s Garden’.

The festival, held in the Arkwright Suite, Masson Mills, Matlock Bath, was hosted with great vim by the poet Martin Malone, and I particularly enjoyed the readings by Kathleen Jones and Christopher James.

is the 2011 anthology of poems selected from the Templar Pamphlet & Collection Awards and published at the Derwent Poetry Festival on 12th November 2011. You can see more about Templar here:

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