Molly Bloom

Molly 4


Molly Bloom, the online poetry journal, is a year old. It has a fine list of poets in its issues to date, including Claire Crowther, Peter Riley, Stephen Romer, Ben Hickman, Dorothy Lehane, Rosmarie Waldrop (check out her Saltwoman poems from the 80s on the Molly Bloom site), and dozens more.

Naturally, I am delighted to join Molly’s ranks with a new-old sequence of poems. A few years ago I began thrashing the life out of other people’s poems using the Google Translator. I have been sitting on them for a while, unsure as to the ethics of the endeavour, but have decided to allow them out. They are well able to look after themselves, I think. The latest issue contains four of these poems: ‘Insurance (2)’; ‘Fire and Ice’; ‘To a Woman at the Age of the Poor’; ‘sample image 4’. You can read them here.

Writing the poems is both for experiment’s sake (the results can be hilarious, surprising, and frustrating), and for the benefit of my own practice. The more ‘experimental’ corridors of the poetry mansion, I used to think, can be a bit draughty; they can also have a succession of doors behind which you can hear a great party going on. My initial urge was to find the keys to the doors. I think I’ve found a few. Others weren’t locked in the first place. Some of the parties are wild, some are more sober (some are tedious beyond words, of course, but you can always call a cab and go home).

Aidan Semmens is the editor and you can find more about him here.  ‘Molly Bloom goes fourth’ is dedicated to the remarkable historian of the British nuclear weapons programmes, Lorna Arnold. Other poets in this issue include DS Marriott, Sarah Crewe, Vahni Capildeo and some splendid work from a poet new to me, Rachel Lehrman. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.




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