All Aboard

You are invited aboard Carriage 42 of the online poetry journal Shadowtrain. It is hitched up and ready to roll.


shdwtrn screen shot copy resized

Ian Seed’s journal has been running down the tracks since 2006, publishing scores of poets like Zoë Skoulding, Andy Brown, Steve Spence, Luke Kennard, and Claire Crowther. 


Carriage 42 includes Martin Stannard, Janet Sutherland, Ben Parker, Rupert M Loydell, Max Ghiara, Iain Britton, Alan Baker, Hillary Lyon, Jonah Wilberg, Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins, Lawrence Upton, and Dick Jones. Have a drink in the buffet car. It’s bound for Mallaig.




Or maybe elsewhere. Like these guys:




You’ll find my poems ‘Young Men’, ‘Unions of Pain’, and ‘Many’ here: three more poems from a sequence that mistreats other people’s poems using the cruel and unusual punishments of Google Translate.


I’ve been asked what they might mean. I can’t answer a question like that. But I can say that sometimes you need these…


douglas 78

howard hodgkin fisherman cove_0



and sometimes these…

Neil Young Playing Guitar in Concert

chagall above city   LHOOQ









casals bach cello



Banksy Tesco Pledge Your Allegiance

…and all sorts of other things too rude or numerous to mention. And I just can’t explain it. But maybe you get the idea.




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