Don’t be a stranger, Ellen

I was invited to the launch of fourfold 4 a couple of weeks ago. What a marvellous time. It was a particularly poignant evening for my friend Ellen McAteer, who was passing on the reins of Tell It Slant to Kathrine Sowerby. She was also reading her poems from the broadsheet, sloshing back the shots, and singing into the night. She has blogged about the night here.

Ellen is moving on up. Yes she is. Keep on pushin’, Ellen.






All the leaves fell off my Japanese Maple overnight, but down south Spring has arrived.

As has the new issue of Otoliths. It looks like this:

Otoliths 35 cover

Otoliths is ‘a magazine of many e-things’, and very fine it is too. You’ll find visual poems from Rome…

4982[Marco Giovenale]

PItch contrasts from the Iberian peninsula:

pitch contrasts-2

[bruno neiva]

Photographs, appreciations, and poetry of all shapes and sizes, some Asemic and visual, like this one from Marilyn R. Rosenberg:


Otoliths is edited by Mark Young and is a delight. See for yourself:

You’ll find three of my poems from ‘the process’ – ‘Pistol Lips’, ‘I Say No Magician’, and ‘The Flaming Books’ – here: