Red Ceilings

saturday morning pictures v3

Red Ceilings Press is run by the tireless Mark Cobley and he states, ‘We like innovative, experimental and avant-garde poetry in particular’. And so should you.

Red Ceilings produce chapbooks and ebooks. The latter are free and the former are limited editions. They are beautiful little secrets, and your duty is to share them with everybody you love.

red ceilings 10.2.15

Saturday Morning Pictures is my latest major publication. There are only 30 in existence, so if you want one, go here now.  While you’re there, you’ll find more outstanding work from the likes of Tim Allen, Peter Hughes, Tom Jenks (Crabtree was probably the funniest book I read last year), SJ Fowler, Chris McCabe, and others.


And here’s another red ceiling – equally as beautiful. (I just like putting red things on black things. I blame the Mars bar.)

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The Interpreter’s House

issue 58 cover for website

Issue 58 is the latest publication of the magazine under the rejuvenating editorship of Martin Malone, a rather fine poet in his own right.

It features two poems of mine  My Beautiful Polar Vortex and The Final Minutes – along with poems by  Sharon Black, Nichola Deane, John Siddique, and many more.


TiH news page feb 15

It has a habit of selling out, so if you want a copy, go here: