The Kidnapper’s Store is Open

Yes, despite the worldwide economic collapse caused by rich people and being paid for by poor people, The Kidnapper’s Store remains open for business.

cover 39 southern spring 2015

We’re back in the ever-marvellous Otoliths, the e-zine of e-things run by the prolific Mark Young.

You’ll find eight more items from the store here.

You’ll also find a startling array of e-things in this issue, including fátima queiroz poems that make me wish I still had a typewriter, Hungarian vispo from Márton Koppányand just astounding stuff by Marco Giovenale.





streetcake masthead

Issue 43 of streetcake, the magazine for innovative, experimental, and visual writing, is live online here. It looks like this:

cover 2

The online magazine is edited by Trini Decombe and Nikki Dudley.


One of my present projects is to strip, refashion and reform religious texts. These have so far taken the shape of three pamphlets, one of which is titled א (the book of moose). The current issue of streetcake contains one of the poems from this work:

actual poem [16] copy 2 TITLE only

Bad Penny

bad penny logo

A Bad Penny Review is published online three times a year, and has an annual physical manifestation as well. The latest online issue (5.2) is now live and it contains my poem ‘We Grow Impervious to the Hour’.

impervious page

The Bad Pennies are Johnny Damm, Jacqueline Kari, Matthew Nye, and Daniel Quinn. They publish poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, visual pieces and ‘forms in between’.

‘We Grow Impervious to the Hour’ is another poem from my collection Pistol Lips. Poems from Pistol Lips can be found online at Molly Bloom, Shadowtrain, and Otoliths, while more have appeared in Tears in the Fence and fourfold.

A Bad Penny Review also has a store where you can buy things.


impervious note



freak bill

The Freaks were out in Portobello last night for the launch of a brand new magazine. The Dalriada venue was packed for the readings by contributors, while outside on the prom a small red moon rested on the dark horizon.

Freak Circus contains my poem ‘Eventually’, and a host of other prose and poetry from across Scotland.

You can get a copy here.


freak mag