Visual Verse

Visual Verse is the work of Preti Taneja.

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She describes it thus:

Visual Verse is a collaboration. An anthology of art, poetry, short fiction and non-fiction.

We supply a compelling image and invite writers – published or unpublished – to submit a piece in response. There is a catch: you must write it within one hour and it must be between 50 and 500 words.

Visual Verse is a celebration. Of the drama of seeing and the desire to express it. Of the things that inspire us, move us, and that we find hardest to articulate.

Visual Verse is a challenge. We offer you the chance to experience the rush of writing without overthinking. Sometimes strange, sometimes beautiful, let the picture be the start of something you can’t predict: your own response.

The latest image is by , and here’s a clip:

image vis verse nov 15

So I couldn’t resist. My effort is near the bottom, so you will have to scroll down. It’s titled, ‘We Took To The Rain‘, and it’s on page 92.

vis v twit



Bare Fiction 6

bare f 6 cover top

Robert Harper’s fabulous Bare Fiction, Runner-Up for Best Magazine in the Saboteur Awards 2015, has just published its sixth issue. It has quite a line-up:

bare f 6 cover bottom

Two of my poems – ‘Turbulence’ and ‘The Girl of Boscastle’ – are featured along with work by Dan O’Brien, Katrina Naomi, Ian McEwen, Roisin Kelly and many more.

You can buy an issue here:

or a subscription:

You’ll get ‘an 80 page A4 publication comprising of new work in the genres of poetry, fiction and plays, including articles and reviews of writing along with interviews with practitioners‘. Can’t say fairer than that.




moongarlic is an E-zine for short verse, art, word sculptures, photographs, propaganda, for the unwanted, the crazy, the lonely, the good, the bad, the psycho-tropically challenged, the loaded, the clean, the dirty, the hair washers, the head shavers, the fakers, the shakers, the laminated takers . . .’

moongarlic 5 is now online.

moongarlic front page

The latest item to be smuggled out of The Kidnapper’s Store is on p42. And it’s absolutely free.


Michael Jacobson’s ‘The New Post-Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing’ lives here.

new post-lit mast

He says the ‘gallery serves as a base for an international group of artists, writers, readers, and viewers’.

It’s updated regularly. If you go there now, you’ll find four of my own pieces.

me@new post-lit

The New Post-Literate site also has links to a string of interesting interviews with some asemic writers: Michael himself, Tim Gaze, Marco Giovenale, and Kerri Pullo. Try them.