hoax 1

HOAX is a lovely home for cwit – creative work incorporating text. It’s run by the artist, writer, curator and performer Lulu Nunn.

hoax 2

You can go to the site to pick up a free HOAX publication, or you can read the new work that goes up on the site every week.

If you go this week, you’ll find four sections from: ا (the book of seals).

HOAX rippped for wordpress

ا (the book of seals) is the second of the three pamphlets that I am presently working on which strip, refashion and reform ancient religious texts (ruling out Scientology on at least two counts).

HOAX houses much great work by the likes of Carolyn Tripp, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Kathrine Sowerby and many, many more.

After this week, my page retreats into the Archives as new work gets posted. Take a look.


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