A Curious Choice

It’s good to see a couple of old friends at And Other Poems, the lovely poetry site run by Josephine Corcoran.


For Harry, Wilma & Queen George first appeared in the Templar anthology Bliss in 2011, while A Curious Choice is from the now defunct Glasgow-based West Coast Magazine way back in 1994.

And Other Poems is an uncluttered, ad-free, online place to read poems by different writers. It was created in August 2012 by Josephine Corcoran.  The aim of this site is to give readership to poems which would not otherwise be available, for instance poems no longer elsewhere online, out of print poems, poems published in print but not online, competition poems (ie poems which might have been successful in a competition but are not available to read online) and new, unpublished poems…New poems are added on Tuesdays and Fridays. Keep up-to-date by subscribing by email or by following on Twitter and Facebook.’

And Other Poems is a splendid new home for Harry and Choice, and for many poems old and new. You should spend some time there.

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