Preparo el plat d’olives…


Modern Poetry in Translation offers its readers ‘the very best of world poetry in translation’. It also provides an interesting opportunity to work as a translator yourself. Translate! is the page where you can find this exercise.

The latest poem on the site is ‘Preparo el plat d’olives…’ by Olga Xirinachs Díaz. The poem is from her 1978 collection Clau de Blau. My version of this poem is number 30 in the sequence, and you can find it here.


In delightful coincidence, the featured poem on the magazine’s website at the moment is by my late mentor, Alexander Hutchison. It is ‘Daylicht’, a translation of a poem by Ernesto Cardenal.


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3 Responses to Preparo el plat d’olives…

  1. I enjoyed your translation, Mark. Mine is No. 28. My first attempt at translation and probably too disloyal to the original. I like your lines about not seeing but hearing the wind and the idea of ‘communion’ with food and with nature.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks. And I yours, Josephine. It’s a fascinating business, isn’t it? And I’d be surprised if Olga Xirinachs Díaz didn’t appreciate the freedom you felt while translating her work.

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