saturday morning pictures v3

  • ‘The A-Z of Blues, Funk and Soul’, Under the Radar, December 2014
  • Pistol Lips’, ‘I Say No Magician’, ‘The Flaming Books’, Otoliths, issue thirty-five, southern spring, November 2014
  • ‘Mother of Sound’, ‘The Shanties’, ‘Patience’, ‘Our Roads Rise to Meet Us’, fourfold 4, September 2014
  • ‘This is What the Kid Said’, Tears in the Fence, Number 60, Winter 2014
  • ‘Young Men’, ‘Unions of Pain’, ‘Many’, Shadowtrain, June 2014 [Here]
  • ‘Insurance (2)’, ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘To a Woman at the Age of the Poor’, ‘sample image 4’, Molly Bloom, May 2014 [Here]
  • ‘Alone in a Room with God’, Gutter 10, February 2014
  • ‘How Dark the Clyde’, Antiphon, Issue 9, December 2013 [Here]
  • Pursued by Well-being, tall-lighthouse, October 2013 [Here]

  •  ‘Partick Night’, The Frogmore Papers, issue 82, September 2013
  • ‘The Headaches Are Back’ and ‘Disinhibition in Aisle 32’, Gutter 09, August 2013
  • ‘The Gull in the Dunes’ and ‘Threshold’, Gutter 08, February 2013
  • ‘Entrance’, ‘Resurrection Shuffle’, ‘Reformation’, ‘Young Samoans on Tour’, Gutter 07, August 2012
  • ‘Late Night Searching of ‘2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami ’ on Wikipedia’, A Thousand Cranes: Scottish Writers for Japan, (Cargo Publishing), October 2011
  • ‘Roadside’, Cake, Issue 3, October 2011
  • ‘Eating Bear Claws’ and ‘For Harry, Wilma & Queen George’, Bliss, Templar Poetry anthology, November 2011
  • ‘The Coolest Science Teacher’, Spilling Ink Review, June 2010
  • ‘Jewish Quarter, Prague’, ‘Addis Ababa’, and ‘Rome’, Poetry Salzburg Review, Issue 18, Autumn 2010
  • ‘Endgame’ in 2014, ‘On a Black Mountain’ in 2013, and ‘Pursued by Well-being’ in 2012, were part of the ‘Windows for Burns’ Night’ celebrations in the public spaces of Dumfries
  • ‘Love Often Bares its Teeth’ was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize in 2012



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