‘Men Departing from Classical Models, Rise Up Review, July 2020

‘Longer Than Ronaldo”, Gutter, Issue 22, Summer 2020

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 22.01.26^^** and Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 22.01.26^^^ from Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 22.01.26(the book of big zeros), Tentacular, July 2020

‘Hospitality’, Winner of the Magma Poetry Competition Judge’s Prize, 2020,

‘Men with Empty Fuel Tanks’, ‘Men Hunting New Moons’, ‘Men in Slow Motion’, ‘Men Strolling Through Lavender’, ‘Men on Weight Loss Programmes’, ‘Men Who Cut Off Humanitarian Aid’, UCity Review, 2020

‘Door’, ‘Going Down the Hill’, Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, Issue #5, October 2020



‘Men Collecting Limited Editions’, ‘Men Undergoing Surgery’, ‘Men Who Drink in Foreign Countries’, ‘Men Passing the Buck’, ‘Men Who Come Hot Off the Presses’, Denver Quarterly, Vol 54, No2, June 2020

ᚮ (the book of gatherings), Red Ceilings Press, May 2020

Screen Shot cover gatherings

gatherings - back cover copy


‘Director of Photography’, ‘Forty-Forty-In’, Poetry Birmingham, Issue #3, March 2020

‘A Movement Like Water’, Tears in the Fence, Issue 71, March 2020



‘Men Falling into Debt’, Train : a poetry journal, November 2019

‘Aim’, Finished Creatures, Issue 2, October 2019

‘Men Numbering 800,000’, ‘Men Picking Grapes’, ‘Men with Recurring Jaundice’, ‘Men with Wooden Legs’, ‘Men Who Buy Gifts’, talking about strawberries all of the time, October 2019

‘Men Facing Significant Disruption’, Foxtrot Uniform, October 2019

‘Men, As a Matter of Fact’, Sound of an Iceberg: New Writing Scotland 37, October 2019

‘Men More Comfortable in a Flat Back Four’, ‘Men Hours from Victory’, ‘Men on Long Drives’, The Manchester Review, Issue 22, September 2019

‘The Importance of Composition’, ‘My Most Male of Lovers’, The Tangerine, September 2019

‘Men in Speedboats’, Drunk Monkeys, September 2019

‘The Old Silences’, ‘caution’, ‘Men with Lattes’, Anthropocene, September 2019

my (small press) writing day, September 2019

‘Men Educating Princes’, ‘Men Who Own Screwdrivers’, Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal September 2019

‘Brand Street’, ‘Spider in a Glass’, The Lonely Crowd, August 2019

‘Men in Cars,’ ‘Men Riddled with Arrows’, ‘Men Taking Precautions’, ‘Men Removing Gems from Their Owners’, ‘Men To Be Pistol Whipped’, Stand, Volume 17 (2), August 2019

‘Green Room’, ‘Exchanging Glances’, ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’, ‘Break Out’, Helpless and Afraid’, The Cafe Irreal, August 2019

Men Winding Us Up‘, ‘Men As Chorus Girls‘, Prelude, July 2019

I don’t go running but this poem is going to pretend that I do‘, snek, 2019:1, July 2019

ا^^^* from ا (the book of seals) (Red Ceilings, 2016), in The Valley Anthology of Prose Poetry, June 2019

Valérie‘, The Interpreter’s House 71, June 2019

‘Men with Tails’, The Moth, June 2019

‘Men Taking Notes in Lectures’, ‘Men Who Write Sequels’, ‘Men Demanding the Final Say in Regional Affairs’, ‘Men as Contestants’, ‘Men Running Messages’, Five:2:One, May 2019

‘Wasps’, ‘The Final Sense’, Gutter 19, May 2019

‘ᚮ^****’, ‘^^’, ‘ᚮ^^*’, ‘ᚮ^^**’, ‘ᚮ^^^**’, ‘ᚮ∆**’, from ᚮ (the book of gatherings), Molly Bloom 19, May 2019

‘Men Naked and Alone’, ‘Men at Funerals’, ‘Men Sunbathing’, Structo 19, April 2019

‘Men Who Go on Night Patrol’, ‘Men Recording Dictation’, ‘Men With the Sun at Their Backs’, ‘Men of Few Thoughts’, ‘Men in Fancy Dress’, International Times, February 2019

‘Men Disturbed in Their Toilet’, ‘Men Sent Forth as Champions’, ‘Men Who Prize Their Daughters’, ‘Men in the Orchestra’, ‘Men Stationed at Temples’, Poetry Salzburg Review No. 33, February 2019



‘Men Floating’, ‘Men Seeking Hospitality’, ‘Men in Disguise’, The Pickled Body, 4.1, December 2018

‘Song-Changer’, Atticus Review, November 2018

‘Seven Ways’, Adjacent Pineapple, September 2018

‘Men Adapting Short Stories’, ‘Men in Rome’, ‘Men and Their Children’, Glasgow Review of Books, August 2018

‘Men With Too Much Time To Think’, The Poets’ Republic, Issue 6, August 2018

‘On nights like this’, Coast to Coast to Coast #4, August 2018

‘Men Hiding in the Tombs of Their Fathers’, ‘Men Who Believe They Are Theodore Roosevelt’, ‘Men with Heads for Mathematics’, ‘Men Perplexed’, and ‘Men Using Pseudonyms’, Gutter 18, August 2018

‘Men Dubious of Collective Goals’, ‘Men Denied Access to the Poop Deck’, ‘Men Wearing Thorns’, Hypnopomp, July 2018

‘drama’, With Their Best Clothes On: New Writing Scotland 36, Association for Scottish Literary Studies, July 2018

‘Men Watching Girls Dance’, The Interpreter’s House 68, July 2018

‘ᚮ^^^****’, and ‘ᚮ∆*’, from ᚮ (the book of gatherings), Tentacular, June 2018

‘Men Smoothing Walls’, ‘Men on Men’, ‘Men Who Worship Athena’, SAND Issue 17, May 2018

Birthday‘, The High Window, Issue 10, Summer 2018

ᚮ^**,  ᚮ^^^, ᚮ^^^*, from ᚮ (the book of gatherings), Black Market Re-View, Issue 5, May 2018

‘Men Writing Wills’, ‘Men with Spare Tyres’, ‘Men in Big Coats’, Men and Their Safe Places’, Molly Bloom 16, May 2018

‘Men Revoking Charters’, Men Who Throw Their Voices’, ‘Men Smoking Outside Convents’, ‘Men Aroused by Hair’, ‘Men Waiting For Dinner’, HVTN 4.1, April 2018

‘Men Reading’, ‘Men Singing Doo-Wop’, ‘Men Who Believe Themselves Caricatures’, Men Who Believe Themselves’, Shearsman Magazine 115-116, April 2018

‘We Love Fat Nose’, My Time: Poems Inspired by Creativity, Voluntary Arts Scotland / Scottish Poetry Library, March 2018

‘Men, Nonetheless’, ‘Men Fishing’, ‘Men Holding Candles’, ‘Men Lighting Candles’, Blackbox Manifold No.19, January 2018



‘Men Looking Across Rivers’, Men on Call’, The Scores, Issue 3, Winter 2017

‘Men on Horses’, ‘Men in Retreat’, Tenebrae: A Journal of Poetics, Issue 1, November 2017

‘Nightmare #17’, Butcher’s Dog, Issue 10, October 2017

‘On Not Visiting the Mackintosh Museum at Port-Vendres’, Honest Error: Glasgow Poets on Charles Rennie Mackintosh, October, 2017

ᚮ^^,  ᚮ^^*, ᚮ^^**, from ᚮ (the book of gatherings), Black Market Re-View, Issue 4, September 2017

Shopping for Punks, Hesterglock Press, March 2017


ᚮ*,  ᚮ**, ᚮ***, from ᚮ (the book of gatherings), Black Market Re-View, Issue 3, February 2017

‘Hunting in Tonto Creek’, The Interpreter’s House, February 2017

‘Mars’, ‘Tags’, ‘The Rainbow’s in Town’, and ‘Walk’, Tip of the Knife Issue 26, January 2017



Kid Will Marry Young and Be Entertained’, ‘Kid Lost Consciousness and was Ill-Defined by Moonlight’, ‘Surfing in Malay’, Powder Keg Magazine, Issue Ten, December 2016

Spearmint & Rescue, Pindrop Press, December 2016


ℵ (the book of moose), Kattywompus Press, October 2016


Gone now (like something good)‘, Unlost Journal, Issue 7, October 2016

‘Condition Rapture’, ‘Up on Arthur’s Seat’, Black Market Re-View, Issue 2, September 2016

Her Blouse is Made of Lingonberries‘, Molly Bloom 11, September 2016

Prior to July‘, Queen Mob’s Tea House, August 2016

five poems from ℵ (the book of moose), Horse Less Review, August 2016

ا (the book of seals)Red Ceilings Press, July 2016 

seals cover green door

ا****, from ا (the book of seals), Lighthouse, Issue 12, Summer 2016

Love Often Bares its Teeth‘, Ink Sweat & Tears, 28 May 2016

Music: Number Five‘, Moss Trill, 23 May 2016

‘After the Funeral’, Butcher’s Dog 7, May 2016

4 Scrolls from Scrolls of Somerset (Badgworth, Wookey, Frome, and Wick), The New Post-Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing, April 2016

‘This is how the dark years lighten’, commission for ‘Within these City Walls’, StAnza 2016, St Andrews

‘enlarge’, ‘london bus’, ‘sweden’, ‘the trouble with my editor’, Tip of the Knife, Issue 23, March 2016

‘For Harry, Wilma & Queen George’, and ‘A Curious Choice’, And Other Poems, March 2016

from La Boutique de Ravisseur – Les Fenêtres de Paris: Cocktails aux Tours Jumelles, Ils ont pris ma maison et vendus à l’armée, La chute, Arnaud a perdu ses pieds, Les corbeaux de nuit, The New Post-literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing, February 2016

ℵ^^^, from ℵ (the book of moose), gobbet,  February 2016

‘Coroner’s Court’, Amaryllis, February 2016

*ℵ-ℵ****, from ℵ (the book of moose), Otoliths, issue 40, southern summer (February) 2016

from The Kidnapper’s Store (Nos.45-48, and 4 centos), Otoliths, issue 40, southern summer (February) 2016



^, ^*, ^**, ^***, from ا (the book of seals), HOAX, December 2015

‘Turbulence’, and ‘The Girl of Boscastle’, Bare Fiction Magazine, Issue 6, November 2015

‘The Kidnapper’s Store #22’, Moongarlic 5, November 2015

‘The Kidnapper’s Store #16’, M58, 10:49 am, 7 November 2015

4 Asemic Works, The New Post-literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing, November 2015

from The Kidnapper’s Store (Nos.25-32), Otoliths, issue thirty-nine, southern spring, 2015

ℵ^^^*, from ℵ (the book of moose), streetcake, issue 43, October 2015

‘Omar Mourning’, Three and a half point 9, Issue 6, October 2015

‘We Grow Impervious to the Hour’, A Bad Penny Review (5.2), October 2015

‘Eventually’, Freak Circus, October 2105

ℵ^ and ℵ^*, from ℵ (the book of moose), Lighthouse, Issue 9, Summer 2015

from The Kidnapper’s Store (Nos.1-8), Otoliths, issue thirty-eight, southern winter, August 2015

‘Hitching Through Normandy’, The Rialto, July 2015

‘Learning to Swim’, Bare Fiction Magazine, Issue 5, April 2015

’24/7′, Valve Journal, April, 2015

‘My Beautiful Polar Vortex’, and ‘The Final Minutes’, The Interpreter’s House, February 2015

Saturday Morning Pictures, Red Ceilings Press, February 2015

saturday morning pictures v3



‘The A-Z of Blues, Funk and Soul’, Under the Radar, December 2014

Pistol Lips’, ‘I Say No Magician’, ‘The Flaming Books’, Otoliths, issue thirty-five, southern spring, November 2014

‘Mother of Sound’, ‘The Shanties’, ‘Patience’, ‘Our Roads Rise to Meet Us’, fourfold 4, September 2014

‘This is What the Kid Said’, Tears in the Fence, Number 60, Winter 2014

‘Young Men’, ‘Unions of Pain’, ‘Many’, Shadowtrain, June 2014 [Here]

‘Insurance (2)’, ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘To a Woman at the Age of the Poor’, ‘sample image 4’, Molly Bloom, May 2014 [Here]

‘Alone in a Room with God’, Gutter 10, February 2014


‘How Dark the Clyde’, Antiphon, Issue 9, December 2013 [Here]

Pursued by Well-being, tall-lighthouse, October 2013 [Here]

‘Partick Night’, The Frogmore Papers, issue 82, September 2013

‘The Headaches Are Back’ and ‘Disinhibition in Aisle 32’, Gutter 09, August 2013

‘The Gull in the Dunes’ and ‘Threshold’, Gutter 08, February 2013



‘Entrance’, ‘Resurrection Shuffle’, ‘Reformation’, ‘Young Samoans on Tour’, Gutter 07, August 2012



‘Late Night Searching of ‘2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami ’ on Wikipedia’, A Thousand Cranes: Scottish Writers for Japan, (Cargo Publishing), October 2011

‘Roadside’, Cake, Issue 3, October 2011

‘Eating Bear Claws’ and ‘For Harry, Wilma & Queen George’, Bliss, Templar Poetry anthology, November 2011



‘The Coolest Science Teacher’, Spilling Ink Review, June 2010

‘Jewish Quarter, Prague’, ‘Addis Ababa’, and ‘Rome’, Poetry Salzburg Review, Issue 18, Autumn 2010



‘Endgame’ in 2014, ‘On a Black Mountain’ in 2013, and ‘Pursued by Well-being’ in 2012, were part of the ‘Windows for Burns’ Night’ celebrations in the public spaces of Dumfries

‘Love Often Bares its Teeth’ was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize in 2012


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